Yom Shlishi, 10 Elul 5778
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There are many ways you can help Vassar Temple and our Temple community.


Donate Tme:

  • Perform Tiikkun Olam with our Social Action Committee, Reyut Committee, or Nachamu Committee
  • Contribute to a Temple social organization - Sisterhood, Men's Club, or Youth Group
  • Join a committee and help plan and participate in learning, worship, events, and the running of the Temple
  • Become a Temple officer or member of the Temple board of trustees --you must be nominated and the slate voted in by the congregation first-- and help run the Temple and set policy


Donate Money:

  • Participate in the Temple SCRIP Program
  • Donate to Temple Funds, perhaps in honor or memory of a friend or relative
  • Buy a leaf on the tree of life or a memorial plaque for a friend or relative (included in the Donate to Funds page)
  • Direcly support a particular Temple event or program
  • Donate to a charitable Temple social action cause


Donate Goods:

  • Food for the Lunchbox, non-perishable items for Can Jam and other food drives, items for the Hillcrest Homeless Shelter
  • Gently used items for the Sisterhood rummage sales