Yom Shlishi, 10 Elul 5778
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I. Ongoing Classes

Shabbat Torah Study ~ A wide-ranging discussion of the weekly Torah portion
(parashah) every Saturday morning at 9am.

Contact: Rabbi Renni Altman, rabbi@vassartemple.org


The World of the Talmud~ Ongoing study of selections from the Talmud

Contact:  Rabbi Paul Golomb, rabbigolomb@vassartemple.org 

This class occurs every other week ... please consult the temple calendar for
scheduled dates.



2. Vassar Temple Lifelong Learning - Fall 2018


3.  Area programming



3.  Area programming
Topics of Jewish Interest can be viewed online at www.92yondemand.org at your leisure.  Go that that link and click on Topics, then Jewish Interest, and select a pre-recorded program.

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